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We want to inform you that our operations are directly linked to weather conditions. For this reason, it is crucial for us to carry out our activities based on prior reservations.

We commence our daily operations from 7:00 am and continue until weather conditions permit. It's important to note that this timeframe may vary each day. The most favorable hours for enjoyable flights are early in the morning when the atmosphere is most stable.

It is very important that before making a reservation, you read our recommendations and restrictions for using the service

Reservation and Cancellation Policies for the Customer:

  • If the customer does not show up on the scheduled date and time for the reservation, a fee will be applied, covered directly with the pre-paid deposit.

  • Cancellations with a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

  • In case of adverse weather conditions, the company will reschedule the reservation for the day the customer prefers. If that day is impossible for the customer, the full deposit will be refunded.


You can make reservations through this platform or via WhatsApp. To secure your reservation, a deposit is required, which will vary depending on the service you choose, whether it's sightseeing flights or gender reveal. All prices published on the website are in Mexican Pesos. 


Filming/Video Memory Service

We have the option to film your flight with a camera mounted on the wing. Capture yourself and your entire journey as a keepsake of your experience. We can deliver the video directly to your phone or provide it on a USB or SD card that you bring.

Recording can be done in horizontal or vertical format.

Request it on the day of your flight!

Price: $300.00

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