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  • Bring a thermal jacket, as the temperature can be lower in the air.

  • Wear closed shoes or sneakers.

  • Make sure to tie back your long hair.

  • Preferably, wear pants.

  • Remove earrings before the flight, as we provide helmets with headphones for added safety.


  • Flying is not allowed for individuals with heart problems.

  • If you experience vertigo at heights in motion, flying is not permitted.

  • Ensure that you securely fasten any devices you carry with you.

  • Parental or guardian consent is required for minors.

  • The maximum weight allowed is 120 kg.

  • Boarding under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or narcotics is not permitted.



What is the best time to fly?

The best time to fly is from 7:00 am to 11:00 am (depending on the day and season). The earlier, the better! During these hours, the atmosphere is cool, minimizing air movement and allowing for turbulence-free and calm operation. As the day progresses, atmospheric heating can cause turbulence and stronger winds. While our aircraft can operate in these conditions, our priority is to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience in the best possible conditions for the day of operation.

Can two people fly together besides the pilot in the same aircraft?

- No, the aircraft is designed to carry only two people (the pilot and one passenger) due to federal aeronautical regulations. Flights are individual and scheduled separately. Meanwhile, those on the ground can enjoy their breakfast.

Can a minor be carried with another person on the same flight?

- No, safety measures, such as seat belts, do not allow us to secure two people, including a child, in one seat.


Can the journey be taken in two different aircraft?

- Currently, we only have one aircraft conducting scenic flights.


At what altitude do we fly?

- We always maintain a safety margin and good altitude, flying at approximately 1,500 feet or the equivalent of 450 meters above ground level.


What are our safety measures?

- We have three-point seat belts, helmets with an intercom for easy communication between passenger-pilot and the base (runway). It is important to note that the aircraft undergoes daily maintenance, and a pre-flight inspection is conducted before each flight. Additionally, we fly at a good altitude as an additional safety measure.


Photos and videos! Can cell phones or cameras be brought on board?

- Certainly! You can take photos and videos during your flight as long as your devices are securely attached to your body with a strap. If not, unfortunately, we may not be able to allow their use. The pilot will assess whether it is safe to bring them on board. If needed, we provide an extra filming service.


What is the minimum age to board?

- From the age of 7, minors can start boarding. However, the decision will also depend on their build and maturity to follow instructions.


What is the maximum weight a passenger can have?

- The maximum weight allowed is 120 kg.

Can a person with a motor disability aboard?

- Yes, they can board as long as they can keep their back upright or are comfortably accommodated against the seatback.


What if the weather is unfavorable on the day of my reservation and flying is not possible?

- First, we will wait for confirmation from authorized personnel to determine if it is safe to fly. In case of cancellation, we offer two options: reschedule the experience for a future date or a full refund of the deposit."

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