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Marriage proposals from the heights

Make your marriage proposal in a unique and thrilling way with our Aerial Proposal! We unveil a giant banner that will be visible from the heights, creating an unforgettable moment for your loved one. Choose any tour option: 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Add a filming service, and we'll provide an extra one to capture the reaction of your loved one.

Banner rental: $300.00 MXN

Gender reveal

Enjoy an exciting moment as our ultralight paints the sky with the color that will reveal the surprise. Book now to secure your special date! Simply make a deposit of $1500 pesos and get ready to experience a magical moment.



Flight instructions

As a flight club, we offer sports flight instruction services in the two main types of control in sports aviation. These are in pendulum-type aircraft, called trikes, and in three-axis-type aircraft.

IMG-7040 (1).jpg

Aircraft construction and maintenance

We can build and provide maintenance for your aircraft. We have trained personnel with aviation mechanic licenses and fully updated courses in the maintenance of Rotax engines.

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